I am a good helper

Suren loves helping. He goes around the house saying: “I need to help you! I am a good helper!”

Whether it is cooking, cleaning or vacuuming he is the first to volunteer! His most favorite of all is helping in the yard using his toy gardening tools.

Last year my husband landscaped the yard of our new house. One day while he was working, Suren ran to his dad and said “Me help daddy!”. I am pretty sure this was the first three word sentence he has ever said and it was really cute! Hubby was so excited that gave him a small shovel to help out. I ran to the back yard to grab his gardening tools and he was occupied for the next hour!! That is when I got a break to sit down and have my tea!

His gardening tools are actually one of his favorite outdoor toys. He plays with them for a very long time. He uses them to pretend play with plants and also he uses them to load up his dump truck.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Garden Tool Belt Set

When I was looking to buy his tool set I did not even give it a second thought when I saw Melissa & Doug brand have a set. It is very cute too! I love that it comes with a belt and gloves. The only downside is that this set does not come with a fork. So I did look for another set that I can buy and since my son loves shoveling I actually bought him both! See below for the other set!

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FENICAL 3pcs Outdoor Garden Tools Set

What I love about this set is the combination of wood and metal material. The wood handles feels amazing to touch and the metal heads make them very sturdy. These are very practical tools but should be used for kids 3 years old and up.

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How did this start?

I have been a blogger for a very long time. I started my first blog back in 2005 when I was living as an exchange scholarship student in India. I was young and single and in love with travel. I would take short trips to historical places in India and write about them. After I finished school, I moved to Iran and I had a lot more to write about in my blog! I would write about all the beautiful places I visited in Iran. After all, that is where I grew up! So my blog got really popular among Iranian students wanting to study in India. Many people told me I should write a book, but I never got to.

Then I moved to Vancouver, Canada with my family back in 2009. That was a huge move. We faced lots of challenges. We had lots of family time because none of us was working outside of house. So we got to know each other better. We got closer. All through that difficult time, I continued writing in my  blog. This time about Canada.

I met my husband before I moved to India. That seems like a long time ago. We were both very young, just graduated from high school and we had a lot of fun together. We fell in love and we wanted to get married but things did not work out. So I moved to India thinking the distance will help us heal from the separation, but it did not. It made us closer because we were there for each other through hard times. Actually he was there for me through all the challenges of moving to another country. So we started a long distance relationship which continued when I moved to back Iran and again moved to Canada with my family.

after few years of this, we were tired of not being together. We wanted each other. So we decided to get married despite of all the challenges we had for it. So we did! and he joined me in Canada.

We now live in the city of Edmonton and we have two beautiful kids.

Our amazing and funny son, Suren was born in April 2015 and our beautiful daughter was born in March 2018.

I started this blog for two reasons. First of all, I have not blogged since Suren was born because I though I was too busy but actually I missed it so so much to write. Secondly, I am a person of research about products. I love to read reviews and spend lots of time deciding and choosing what works best for us. So I have been giving a lot of advise to all family and friends over the past three years on baby products. So then I though, why not start a blog to talk about these products?? Then I can refer everyone to my posts! So I found this amazing life of being a mom blogger now! I will write about me, my children and at the same time I can write product reviews!

So here I go….